Best Free Poker Hud

More flexibility and more likely to get in a heads up pot. Remember the more players in the pot the less poker you end up playing. Everyone plays very straight forward in 3BET pots. In HU Pots you can bluff thinner, semi bluff thinner and value bet thinner. Sometimes hands play better multi way so you should just call (Which is the same in hold em od course).

Many online poker rooms offer bonuses and incentives for their players. Winning players make sure that they optimise their share of these offers. Simple tips include signing up for more than one poker room to take advantage of more bonus offers and ensuring that your VIP club level is as high as possible. While bonuses will not make you a winning poker player on their own they go a long way to protecting you from downswings and building up your online poker bankroll.

For example, you may feel that you are a great Omaha H/L player, but over time, the numbers do not bear that out. You may not really enjoy Razz, but actually show a profit at the game. Or, here is what I find most of the time, you play a lot of 6-Handed NL SnG's but you are actually way more profitable at 9-handed.

Flop bets--you want to know what size bets your opponents make on the flop. It helps to figure out when they are strong or weak. Do they always make 1/3 of the pot c-bets, 1/2 size pot c-bets, etc. and what does it mean when the bet size changes?

Playing without using a good poker HUD makes a lot of difference in the win rate. The statistics displayed during the game helps you to use your bluffs effectively, win over more pots, bet a stake or get aggressive when required. It is natural to get tense when you risk your hard earned money on the table in the hope of winning more. But the chances of winning can get better with a poker hud on your table. It is honestly suggested to have one when you are playing a micro stake or a multiple table.

Pulling hands-Value comes with pulling more players into the pot. More nutty and polarized. Want to be dominating draws and stack off ranges. Ask yourself does your hand play better HU or multi way? Also consider calling when there are fish in the blinds or stack sizes are awkward. Don't always consider immediate equity. Think about how much equity it will create post flop. All about dominating your opponents post flop.

At some poker rooms sharing hand histories are not accepted. But the poker rooms do not have a way of tracking the hand histories so it should be rather safe to buy hands at the established sites. It should also be less dangerous than using data mining programs to gather information.

The only exception is if you are playing against one of those "funny" players who is trying to get you to fold. Against this player, you can call or if you really think he is a joker, re-raise.